Management and Operations Team

Patrik Ferrer

Chief Operating Officer

The Visionary founder of TRT who is a former Sales Associate and Merchandising expert based in the Middle East. Patrik recently returned to the Philippines to fully commit to TRT and his vision of being a recognized provider in the community servicing sector.

Patrik is a solid crypto believer and enthusiast and is highly experienced when it comes to community management and moderation.

Czen Bico

Chief Financial Officer

A fund management geek who used to work for one of the largest banks in the Philippines.

Keeps up with the evolving financial industry by venturing into infrastructure financing and crypto.

Anthony Ramos

Chief Executive Officer

A former advertising and design agency project manager who did work for one of the world’s largest toy brands and one of the world’s most prestigious car brands.

Anthony is now a semi-retired individual and he spends almost all of his waking hours on cryptocurrency and researching on how to achieve the vision of TRT.

Business and Administrative Team

Jay de Borja

Client Relations Manager

Jay’s career started in traditional marketing and eventually ventured out into the digital marketing industry where he was able to enhanced his skills in client and public relations.

Now as a businessman himself, he spends his time doing cryptocurrency and exploring new business opportunities both inside and outside the crypto space.

Yentl Romero

Partnership Manager

A former marketing manager, Yentl has focused her work experience on social media and corporate relations for one of the largest real estate companies in the Philippines.

Venturing into community moderation and business development in the crypto sector, she has been actively scouting all the realms of the cryptoverse in search of projects that TRT can be of value to.

Chelle Ferrer

Social Media Manager

From being an Admin and Key Account Officer in the past, Chelle moved on to being a freelancer where she is handling client’s businesses and projects with a focus on social media management.

Dabbling into cryptocurrencies has also led her to being an active community builder for various projects.

Meagan Bertiz

HR/Training Manager

Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Meagan has taught Sciences for six (6) years until she landed in the volatile world of cryptocurrency where she has been an active community builder in the past.

She is now utilizing her expertise in researching for the latest trends and updates in the cryptocurrency space and spearheads trainings for everyone inside the The Round Table so they will all be equally equipped when dealing with the projects that they are deployed in.

The Round Table Team